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Wag the Dog Response


Wag the Dog is a film starring Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman and shows the negative side of spinning a story and sometimes fabricating a story to paint a client in a positive light.

A PR practitioner is sometimes seen as a negative practice. It is sometimes known as a spin doctor or a flack. The PR practitioner would most likely follow the situational value orientation, because it works on the basis to make decisions that will cause the least harm or the most good. This can be seen in the movie “Wag the Dog” when the campaign team does whatever it takes to help the image of the current president in the days before he runs for reelection.

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Public Relations Era

My era that I chose was Public Relations as an evolving practice. I chose this era because it interested me the most out of the ones available for us to choose from. It was interesting to me because it is the era of PR that we are in today. Everything in today’s time revolves around technology and the advancement of technology has revolutionized the PR business.

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