Public Relations Era

My era that I chose was Public Relations as an evolving practice. I chose this era because it interested me the most out of the ones available for us to choose from. It was interesting to me because it is the era of PR that we are in today. Everything in today’s time revolves around technology and the advancement of technology has revolutionized the PR business.

It is now easier than ever to get our thoughts and ideas out with the emergence of social networking websites along with the emergence of blogs and opportunities to utilize all of these from anywhere. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have made it easier than ever for people to connect with one another, no matter where they are in the world. Businesses and PR firms and representatives are utilizing these sites to connect with their customers and clients. Where as before, PR reps had to find other ways and forms to get their messages out and market their clients, but now they can do it almost instantaneously in a quick and effective manner.

Also, utilizing this “new media” as a platform to revolutionize the industry is not only beneficial and productive, but it is also a very affordable practice. Now that the internet is one of the, if not the most important tool in any modern day business, people aspiring to go into the PR business can now at a low cost and often times from the comfort of their own homes. Businesses and sky-rise offices are no longer necessarily needed. It is now easier than ever to start your own firm, create your own website, and start collecting clients. This is a very exciting time in the PR world and with technology advancing more and more every day, it will only affect the PR industry in a positive way.


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