My Top Ten Tips of How to Land A Job

job_hunt1I was asked to compile my personal top ten tips for getting a job as a part of my Intro to PR class, so here it goes…(in no particular order because I believe they are all equally important).

  1. Dress to impress- It is important to to dress appropriately in the job interview. Depending on the job, it will depend on what is appropriate, but typically guys should wear a black suit and women should wear a dress suit or appropriate dress/ skirt outfit.
  2. Do your research- It is very important to know as much as possible about your potential employer before you go into the interview. This way you can prepare yourself and know all the right answers to possible questions that come up. Plus, this is a grat way to show the employer that you are excited about the opportunity to work for their company.
  3. Build a good resume- The resume is very important and often times the first thing that the employer will see about you. So, it is important to build a strong resume, keep all the job experience relitive to the job you are trying to obtain, leave out unimportant information, and list as many things about yourself and what you can bring to the job as possible.
  4. Be involved and gain experience when avaailable- In order to have a strong resume, you have to have things to put on it. So, it is important to gain experience when necessary and any way you possibly can. Volunteer, apply for internships, and get involved in organizarions at college to help give you things to put on a resume and make it as strong as possible.
  5. Write a good cover letter- Other than the resume, your cover letter is your other, and sometimes your first chance to make an impression on your potential employer. Often times an employer will read the beginning of your cover letter and if nothing immediately jumps out at them, they will be done with you. This is why you must make your cover letter stand out among the rest, make the employer want to read it and your resume, and let them know what you can add to their company.
  6. Be punctual- On your interview day, it is essential that you arrive as early as possible. This shows that you are both punctual and accountable. It is important to follow the old saying “if your early you are on time and if you are on time, you are late.”
  7. Be sure to say thanks- It is important to write thank you letters to all of the interviewers in your interview. This is a way to both thank them for taking the time to interview you, as well as gives the interviewers a chance to remember you.
  8. Be yourself- It is important to be yourself in a job interview. Stay focused and remain comfortable. Employers will pay attention if you show nervousness or uncertainty. Be confident and show the employer that they need you and what you can provide to them if hired.
  9. Apply and be flexible- The more flexible you are about what jobs you are looking for and the locations of those jobs the better. Let the employer know that you are willing to relocate if possible. This shows employers that you are willing to make changes and sacrifices in your life in order to work for their company.
  10. Figure out what you want!- It is never too early to decide what you want to do. Even if you have a year or even two before you graduate, you can still look into jobs and see what you might be interested in pursuing as a career. You want to find a job that suits you, because after all, you will not be successful in getting the job or in the job itself if it is something that does not interest you.

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