Godin Response

For Barbara Nixon’s Intro to Public Relations Class, we were asked to watch a video about Seth Godin, the author of the book “Tribes.” You can find the video here: http://blog.mixergy.com/seth-godin-tribe/.

The film started with Godin discussing how corporations used to advertise by literally bugging and instilling a message into the consumers mind to get them to buy a product.

Godin shared that people often buy what they want and not always just what they need. A tribe is a group where you feel socially accepted. This goes back to the notion of people wanting more than needing. To feel socially accepted or happy with themselves, they are wanting that attention and company and don’t necessarily need it.

One tribe that Godin uses as an example is the Knights of Columbus. He states that this tribe is so people can feel like they belong and be part of something bigger than themselves.

I found this video very interesting and informative. It gave me new insight on social acceptance and why people do certain things. Tribes are really just social groups when it all gets boiled down to it. It is almost human nature to want to feel like there is a place or group in which you belong, without this the world seems very lonely and secluded and utterly pointless. This video gave me a new perspective on my outlook on this matter.


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One response to “Godin Response

  1. Great point about acceptance being a key reason why people join tribes.

    I think that’s why people join all those NING groups or message boards that seem dorky to everyone else.

    When I got my first Treo, I figured out ways to hack it and get it to do all kinds of things that most people have any interest in. But the people on TreoCentral.com’s message boards were curious because they were doing the same things.

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