Podcast Assignment


For this assignment in Barbara Nixon’s Intro to Public Relations class I was to choose a PR related podcast and analyze and critique it. I chose Social Media Throwdown, a podcast dedicated to taking in-depth looks at specific issues in the mass media market. For this episode, the show took a look at personal branding and if there is such a thing or if it is just a cottage industry in search of a market.

For this episode, Hajj Flemings, the author of The Brand YU Life and Geoff Livingston the CEO of Livingston Communications stopped by to share their thoughts and opinions.

Hajj Flemings discussed how personal branding is all about character and it is difficult to be something your not. He also mentioned how personal branding is a largely a product of the new convergence of media to a more high-tech platform with the expansive use of the internet as a media source. He discussed how it is more important now than ever to establish yourself online.

Geoff Livingston discussed how personal brand as an online identity is an essential part of a team, however it might be semantics within a company. Livingston also discussed how blogging is an essential part of a team project. He also mentioned how it is important to learn an about an individual through listening to them directly and not just what you may read about them online. In closing, Livingston stressed the importance of career development. He showed how in today’s times, blogging and other methods of social media can be an essential tool in career development. Livingston showed how this can create loyalty.

I found this podcast very interesting and informative. I especially enjoyed the part about social networking and twitter. After using Twitter I have come to find how useful the website both personally and professionally in terms of networking and career development.


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