Interview with PR professional

I interviewed my Aunt who was the HR Manager and PR Rep for NE GA Medical Center.

I interviewed my Aunt who was the HR Manager and PR Rep for NE GA Medical Center.

For this assignment, we were asked to find a public relations professional and interview them. I immediately knew that I would choose my aunt Lorraine Hanie. She is recently retired, but spent over 15 years as the public relations consultant and human resources manager at Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville, Ga.

My aunt is an inspiration to me because she shares the major that I am currently pursuing in college, journalism. I also chose her because I found it interesting that her major had very little relation to what she spent the majority of her career doing, which was work in marketing and public relations.

Although she spent was associated with her high school newspaper, after college she did not hold any jobs directly related to journalism.

She said that she has always been interested in journalism because she loves writing. But other than some freelance work here and there and writing in her spare time it wasn’t the biggest part of her career, however she said that her degree in journalism prepared her for her career, including her job with Northeast Georgia Medical Center. Ever since she first found out that I was interested in journalism and was pursuing a degree in the field, she had a lot of advise for me. She has always told me that learning and knowing how to write well is essential in whatever profession you choose to pursue. Now retired, she has found a lot more time to write, having written several human interest pieces for the Gainesville Times as well is currently writing her first novel which she hopes to get published.

As a journalism major and a double minor in broadcasting and public relations I have many interests and possibilities when it comes to a career. Knowing my aunt’s story and speaking with her multiple times, I know now that with a degree in journalism you can have a successful, rewarding and fun career in a public relations profession.


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