48 hours of Twitter

twitter-imageI have to admit, the last time I have checked Twitter before this “48 hours of Twitter” assignment was the last time we had an assignment dealing with this particular social networking site. It is not because I do not see the use of Twitter, I do and I meant all of the positive things I said in my first post. The Truth is, that I am just so busy in my daily life, that I don’t have time, generally, to update my Twitter constantly. Also, I tend to use Facebook, which has a similar feature for updating your status to let your friends know what your doing or thinking.

So for this assignment, for my Intro to Public Relations class, I was asked to start using Twitter again and blog about my experience.

Since last using Twitter, I noticed that many more people I know have joined and have began following me. This shows the trend that Twitter is quickly catching on with the general public as well as the professional world. It is now a useful tool to not only connect with business professionals, but also my friends and family. I also believe that Twitter is much easier to learn how to use than most other social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace, which both are much more complex and have many different features that can take a while to get use to using.

There are still many things that I am still wondering about when it comes like to Twitter. One is how much it will grow in the future. I also wonder if they will change the layout and functions of the website as other competing social networking sites have. Facebook, for instance just adapted a new design that features an interface on its home page that greatly resembles Twitter.

Also for this assignment, I was asked to select three PR professionals that I have chosen to follow on Twitter. The three I chose are GabrielRossi, rpitv, and MetsMLB.

Rossi is a branding advisor and public speaker for his own branding and PR company based out of Brazil. I found him while searching on Twitter using the key word “public relations.” I found him interesting because he has a vast background in marketing and PR and he founded his own company. I suggest PR students follow him because he is a good example of how to use Twitter, because he constantly updates his profile with relevant information and frequently sends direct messages to other PR professional and colleagues giving them advice and pointers.

The second one I chose to follow was rpitv. Once again, I found this when searching for PR in the search bar. I wasn’t sure what rpitv was initially, but after doing some exploring and research I found that it was the PR search for Relay For Life. This is a non-profit organization and event that raises money across the nation for cancer research. It is an event that I have supported, helped organize and participated in here at Georgia Southern University. I think that students should follow this profile to stay up to date about this important organization.

Finally, I chose to follow MetsMLB, which is a PR/marketing account for the New York Mets. It is associated with the official Major League Baseball Twitter account which covers all the teams. I reason I chose this is because I currently have an internship with Inside Pitch Magazine, which is a scouting magazine dedicated to covering the New York Mets Minor League system. I suggest any student that is a sports fan check out this profile or an affiliated one to get the latest and up to date information about their favorite teams.

I am always willing to try new things and will try to continue using Twitter more in the future, because I believe that it does certainly have beneficial aspects.

Find me on my Twitter: @mattmauney27



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4 responses to “48 hours of Twitter

  1. lynndsey

    I feel the same way, the last time i logged into Twitter was the last time we were assigned to! After this asignment i do plan on continuing with my Twitter account.

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  3. Thanks, Matt. Great tips on the baseball people on Twitter.

  4. Thanks for mentioning Matt!
    Pleasure to contribute.
    Cheers from Brazil

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