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PRCA 3030 TOW Week 1

With the devastating tragedy that has faced the nation of Haiti, social media websites have become an integral part in the relief effort. Many social media sites have been used to spread the word about how to give money, as well as allowed for means to donate money directly to help with the rebuilding effort. Sites like Facebook and Myspace have produced multiple groups to help raise money. These groups were started by a multitude of people, religious organizations, student groups, political factions, etc., who all banned together in an effort to spread the word of how to help and providing links to other sites that acts as medians to donate and help. Perhaps the organization that best utilized these types of promotions was the American Red Cross. The Red Cross has fundraising effort where anyone can use their mobile phone to text Haiti to 90999 to donate ten dollars to the relief effort. This donation will be added to a donators wireless bill, making it easier than ever to give what you can to help the Haitian people. This campaign has grown at a rapid rate and has easily became the largest Haitian relief effort to date. It is because of social networking and current trends and technologies, like text messaging, that has made it so easy for people to help with the relief effort and is because of this that Haiti has received a record amount of money. As of January 23 the Red Cross has raised about 137 million dollars nationally, with about 25 million of which came from text messages. It is with tragedy like this, that we see the benefits of social networking. The ability to reach thousands instantaneously is a major benefit in large fundraising campaigns like this, and as social networking continues to grow, it can be safely said that we have only seen the beginning of the beneficial aspects of this growing trend.


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