PRCA 3030 TOW: Week 3

The topic of social media marketing has become a controversial one as of late. With the emergence of social media websites like Facebook and Myspace, that let users create an online profile for themselves that displays pictures, information and status updates about the individuals, employers have began to use this resource to find out more about just who they are interviewing and considering hiring for a position. This brings up the question of whether or not this process is ethical. Ethics is an interesting subject in itself. Ethics isn’t law, therefore, there is no law, at least not yet, that states it illegal to research potential employees by scanning their online profiles. It has been a longstanding tradition for jobseekers to research the companies that they are trying to work for, but nowadays, it is just as normal for employers to research you. There are many different stances on whether or not this practice is ethical or not, but as long as there is no formal provisions on doing this, employers are sure to keep utilizing this process to know more about potential employees. After all, employers do have the right to know more about who is applying to work for them. Some argue that it is unethical because employers do not have a right to dive into employees or potential employees personal lives, but this brings up the point of being responsible for what you post on the Internet. Although social media sites like Facebook started with the intention of supplying a platform for college students to connect with other college students and former high school friends, it is now open to everyone and can be seen by practically everyone if you do not put certain security restrictions on your accounts. The conclusion to this dilemma is a fairly simple one: do not post anything on your profile that you would not want someone, including potential employers, to see, and if you do, know how to put restrictions on who can view your profiles and exactly what information different people can view.


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