Super Bowl Predictions

The Superbowl is today and everyone is throwing out there predictions on who they think will win the big game. So, with this said, I figured I might as well contribute my “expert opinion” to this pool of predictions. Both the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints have electrifying offenses that can put up a lot of points, I feel that defense, not offense, will be the difference this Sunday. So when it comes to defense, I like the Saints, because while they may not be the most feared defense in the league, they are very opportunistic and have utilized chances for big stops and turnovers all season long. I think that if the Saints defense can force a few turnovers and get a few stops, they will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy Sunday night.

On offense, it’s going to come down to which team can capitalize on an opportunity when the other team cannot. Both the Saints and Colts have many weapons offensively and quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Drew Brees will most likely put up a lot of passing yards in this game but I feel that it will be the running backs that will make the difference. In my opinion, the Saints have the upper hand here, with the tandem of Pierre ThomasMike Bell and Reggie Bush. The Colts Joseph Adai has been sub par at best this year, so if the game turns in to a battle of the running game, Indy might be in trouble.

When it comes to special teams, my pick is with the Saints once again. Although Bush doesn’t carry much of a threat through the tackles, he is very dangerous as a return man. Look for him to be a difference maker this Sunday and possibly take one back for six.

At the end of the day, I think that the Colts will be loading the plane tonight and asking “who dat just beat us?”

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  1. What did you think about the google commercial on the superbowl last night?

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