PR Connections: Social media beneficial in job searches

I was surfing the web the other day, and I came across an interesting article. As a college student who will be graduating in May, I am currently in the job hunting process. I usually skim over most job hunting tip stories when surfing the web, but an article I found on Yahoo, originally published in the USA Today, really caught my interest. The article suggests several tips on how to search for jobs, many of which involve new technologies and social media. The article suggests to utilize both Twitter and Facebook in helping to land a job.

Click here to read the article.



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4 responses to “PR Connections: Social media beneficial in job searches

  1. matidmore

    I’m graduating in May as well so I know how you are feeling when in the job search. I feel like most articles on job searching always say the same thing. Though I never thought that facebook or twitter would help in my search until now. I knew that companies are starting to look at our social media networks to see who their potential employees really are but I never thought about using them as something like an alternate resume or something like that. I did however make an different account so that i have a “professional” on and one just for friends on private.

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  3. marielorelei

    I’m graduating in May also and I’ve taken the web to search for jobs since it makes job hunting a lot faster. I’ve found a few articles that suggest that looking for jobs online isn’t really the best thing to do. This is because a fair portion of companies don’t post their job opportunities online.

    I think that Meg’s idea of having separate social networking profiles for personal and professional uses is a great idea. I personally would not want to spend the time trying to keep multiple profiles updated, but it’s a good idea for those that can keep up with it all.

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