PR Connections: Superbowl Ads Uneffective

The Superbowl ended Sunday night with the New Orleans Saints beating the Colts to win their first ever championship. While the game was highly competitive and compelling, the commercials seen this year during game breaks left something to be desired. Perennial favorites like Bud Light and Doritos had several spots where they tried to live up to previous commercials. Superbowl commercials are often times more highly anticipated than the game itself. While some companies aim for sheer humor in their spots, others aim for effectiveness.

This year however, there were very few ads that stood out. Outside of the normal favorites, the best spot from this year might have been an unexpected one. Hyundai enlisted quarterback Bret Farve to help promote their new vehicle, the 2010 Sonata.

Here is the ad:

In my opinion this was one of the best Superbowl commercials in a year of a fairly weak lineup. While ad fans look to the beer and chip companies to provide quality spots every year, it was a car company who stood out this time. This should create a lot of buzz about Hyundai and should provide a growth in their revenue.

We will have to wait and see if next year’s spots live back up to the annual high potential.

To learn more and to see the rest of this year’s commercials, click here.


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One response to “PR Connections: Superbowl Ads Uneffective

  1. marielorelei

    I actually thought that this year’s ads were on the same level as the ads from previous years. What did you think about the Audi “Green Police” ad? It was one of my favorites. The ad probably could have given more information about the new Audi TDI, but the fact that it had a high entertainment factor was pretty nice.

    I think more companies are going for entertaining and eye catching rather than informative and detailed ads. A lot of people change the channel when commercials air so having entertaining commercials versus informative ones is a way to peak consumer interest. At the very least, maybe the consumer will be intrigued and check out the company’s site in order to learn more about the products that are featured in the ads.

    Do you think that maybe the downturn of the economy cause a few companies to put less money into their ads, thus causing the ads to be a little lack luster?

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