T.O.W. week 8

Podcasting can be very beneficial for PR firms and other companies. It provides companies the opportunity to outreach to it’s consumers and the general public, giving them an in-depth look at current news within the company. Podcasting can also prove to be beneficial when PR firms are dealing with crisis management. For example, companies like Toyota and Sea World, who are both facing PR crises, can use podcasting as a way to broadcast their voice to their customers and concerned citizens. They can address the problems they are facing as well as offer solutions and assure the public that they are doing everything they can to correct the problem or crisis.

Aside from businesses, podcasting can be a great tool and resource for students. Students who listen to various podcasts can stay up-to-date and educated about what is going on in the world as well as keep informed with different businesses and PR firms. PR students can especially utilize podcasts, as there are numerous podcasts out there that focus on PR objectives and practices. Two PR podcasts that I personally found interesting are Inside PR and Strategic Public Relations. I suggest that PR students as well as anyone in the PR industry check these podcasts out.

Finally, shownotes, which are a list of points that are addressed during a podcast, are very important, because they provide an information breakdown where listeners can either follow along or check back to see the recap of anything they may have missed or are unclear about.

Here is a video I found that explains how to create your own podcast:

And here is another video about casting. It may not be very useful, but it is certainly entertaining:



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2 responses to “T.O.W. week 8

  1. marielorelei

    I think podcasts are a great tool. They offer the chance for companies to put a real voice and face to their company name. This adds more of a human element to their brand. If a company uses podcasts often enough, then this use might even become a pretty strong part of their brand identity.

    The use of podcasts for students is also pretty useful. Some colleges have turned to using iTunesU which is Apple’s great invention to allow colleges to record lectures for students to listen to. It’s definitely great to be able to listen to lectures from MIT professors without necessarily having to be an MIT student. Knowledge that was once out of reach is now right at our fingertips…it’s definitely a beautiful thing.

  2. laur22

    Podcasts are so interesting in that they are free and you can subscribe to as many as you want! I haven’t listened to podcasts in awhile, but I used to listen to ones from my favorite comedians and other random topics when I first got an Ipod a few years ago. They are definitely a great social media outlet that PR professionals and anyone in the business world in general should take advantage of. I think it’s great that companies such as Sea World and Toyota have used them to voice their comments to customers. Listening to actual employer voices is so much more personal than watching a TV commercial or reading a press release.

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