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T.O.W. Week 6

There are many positives and negatives when it comes to social media. But does one outweigh the other?

After listening to “Social Media: Friend or Foe?” I began to put in perspective some things that I previously knew and a few things that I didn’t know about social media. For example, I had been aware about the benefits of social media when it comes to businesses, i.e. outreach to consumers, interactivity, easier marketing techniques, etc. However with these conveniences and advantages comes implications. For example when a company does something good or wants to promote a new product or service, social media can be very beneficial, however when a company has a PR crisis, social media might prove to be more of a disadvantage.

For example, Toyota and their PR crisis with the massive recall on several of their vehicles. This was a big enough PR disaster, but because of social media and Web 2.0 technologies, it was easier than ever to spread this bad publicity. SItes like Facebook saw groups that called the auto company out for producing unsafe cars, Youtube videos showed upset customers and numerous blogs allowed Toyota owners and critics to criticize the company for acting irresponsibly and slandering their name.

Another case that has developed as of late that can be credited to this is the PR disaster of Sea World. After one of the killer whales killed a Sea World Orlando trainer, Sea World quickly tried to calm down concerned patrons and past and future guests. However, once again because of social media, there was just as much negative publicity about Sea World than there was positive publicity done by Sea World themselves, in order to restore their good name.

Another point that was addressed in this podcast was the effect of social media in the workplace. Employees neglecting work to check their Facebook accounts or surf Youtube for funny videos is becoming an ongoing problem for employers.

The key to this dilemma of how to utilize social media as a beneficial tool and not as a negative entity, is to hold conversation internally and externally and keep an open mind when it comes to social media, because when all is said and done, there is more positives when it come to social media than negatives.


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PR Connections: Superbowl Ads Uneffective

The Superbowl ended Sunday night with the New Orleans Saints beating the Colts to win their first ever championship. While the game was highly competitive and compelling, the commercials seen this year during game breaks left something to be desired. Perennial favorites like Bud Light and Doritos had several spots where they tried to live up to previous commercials. Superbowl commercials are often times more highly anticipated than the game itself. While some companies aim for sheer humor in their spots, others aim for effectiveness.

This year however, there were very few ads that stood out. Outside of the normal favorites, the best spot from this year might have been an unexpected one. Hyundai enlisted quarterback Bret Farve to help promote their new vehicle, the 2010 Sonata.

Here is the ad:

In my opinion this was one of the best Superbowl commercials in a year of a fairly weak lineup. While ad fans look to the beer and chip companies to provide quality spots every year, it was a car company who stood out this time. This should create a lot of buzz about Hyundai and should provide a growth in their revenue.

We will have to wait and see if next year’s spots live back up to the annual high potential.

To learn more and to see the rest of this year’s commercials, click here.

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PR Connections: Social media beneficial in job searches

I was surfing the web the other day, and I came across an interesting article. As a college student who will be graduating in May, I am currently in the job hunting process. I usually skim over most job hunting tip stories when surfing the web, but an article I found on Yahoo, originally published in the USA Today, really caught my interest. The article suggests several tips on how to search for jobs, many of which involve new technologies and social media. The article suggests to utilize both Twitter and Facebook in helping to land a job.

Click here to read the article.


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PRCA 3030 TOW: Week 3

The topic of social media marketing has become a controversial one as of late. With the emergence of social media websites like Facebook and Myspace, that let users create an online profile for themselves that displays pictures, information and status updates about the individuals, employers have began to use this resource to find out more about just who they are interviewing and considering hiring for a position. This brings up the question of whether or not this process is ethical. Ethics is an interesting subject in itself. Ethics isn’t law, therefore, there is no law, at least not yet, that states it illegal to research potential employees by scanning their online profiles. It has been a longstanding tradition for jobseekers to research the companies that they are trying to work for, but nowadays, it is just as normal for employers to research you. There are many different stances on whether or not this practice is ethical or not, but as long as there is no formal provisions on doing this, employers are sure to keep utilizing this process to know more about potential employees. After all, employers do have the right to know more about who is applying to work for them. Some argue that it is unethical because employers do not have a right to dive into employees or potential employees personal lives, but this brings up the point of being responsible for what you post on the Internet. Although social media sites like Facebook started with the intention of supplying a platform for college students to connect with other college students and former high school friends, it is now open to everyone and can be seen by practically everyone if you do not put certain security restrictions on your accounts. The conclusion to this dilemma is a fairly simple one: do not post anything on your profile that you would not want someone, including potential employers, to see, and if you do, know how to put restrictions on who can view your profiles and exactly what information different people can view.

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PRCA 3030 TOW Week 1

With the devastating tragedy that has faced the nation of Haiti, social media websites have become an integral part in the relief effort. Many social media sites have been used to spread the word about how to give money, as well as allowed for means to donate money directly to help with the rebuilding effort. Sites like Facebook and Myspace have produced multiple groups to help raise money. These groups were started by a multitude of people, religious organizations, student groups, political factions, etc., who all banned together in an effort to spread the word of how to help and providing links to other sites that acts as medians to donate and help. Perhaps the organization that best utilized these types of promotions was the American Red Cross. The Red Cross has fundraising effort where anyone can use their mobile phone to text Haiti to 90999 to donate ten dollars to the relief effort. This donation will be added to a donators wireless bill, making it easier than ever to give what you can to help the Haitian people. This campaign has grown at a rapid rate and has easily became the largest Haitian relief effort to date. It is because of social networking and current trends and technologies, like text messaging, that has made it so easy for people to help with the relief effort and is because of this that Haiti has received a record amount of money. As of January 23 the Red Cross has raised about 137 million dollars nationally, with about 25 million of which came from text messages. It is with tragedy like this, that we see the benefits of social networking. The ability to reach thousands instantaneously is a major benefit in large fundraising campaigns like this, and as social networking continues to grow, it can be safely said that we have only seen the beginning of the beneficial aspects of this growing trend.

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