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Podcast Assignment

Podcast Assignment.mp3


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Slidecast (correct version) – Naked Conversations

To view my notes for this presentation click here.

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PR Connections – Toyota Stories

Toyota has started a response campaign to their PR disaster. But should they pay more attention to these commercials or focus on fixing the problems their vehicles are facing?

As a part of PR crisis management techniques, Toyota has come up with marketing campaign showing “real” Toyota owners defending the auto company and telling tales of their allegiance to the company. As most of you know, Toyota came under fire after calling for a massive recall of their vehicles for having acceleration problems. Now, they have released a new advertising campaign, called “Toyota Stories.” These testimonials can be seen on television, heard on the radio and viewed on their youtube channel. What is concerning about this, is the validity of the testimonials. Are these actual Toyota owners or are they paid actors, paid off to tell how much they love all Toyota vehicles and how their “next vehicle will be a Toyota?” On their Youtube channel, there is an expansive list of comments, mostly critical of this new campaign. Some comments, according to Youtube user autoresearcher, have been removed by Toyota because of the critical and negative nature of the comments.

This brings up some interesting questions:

  • Is this type of marketing campaign ethical?
  • Should Toyota have the right to remove comments and if so, is that ethical?
  • Should Toyota focus more on correcting the problem then spreading these pleasant, optimistic testimonial commercials?

Here is one of the commercials in question. What are your opinions on it?

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PR Connections: Budget Crisis

The Georgia Legislature has asked the University system of Georgia to prepare for a $300 million dollar reduction for the 2011 fiscal year. This means that Georgia Southern University will be cut an additional $14.7 million on top of an already $11 million dollar cut.

What this means?

  • 6 more furlough days to be taken in Fiscal Year 2010, starting in July
  • Elimination of state subsidy that is used to support the Division of Education, Performing Arts Center, Wildlife Center, etc. These will have to become self-sufficient.
  • Elimination of one-half of all temporary faculty (63 full-time temporary faculty and 54 part-time temporary faculty).
  • Elimination of 67 staff positions.
  • Unspecified cuts to athletics.
  • Consolidation and elimination of academic programs.

Although this is a terrible dilemma that we are all about to face here at GSU, I found it interesting how both faculty, staff, students and even new President Brooks Keel have utilized social media techniques to not only spread the word, but also to ask for help.

Here is a video from President Brooks Keel further explaining these cuts and how we can help:

Here is a list of links to Facebook groups, events and notes that deal with these new budget cuts. While all similar, each offers a different look and different options of how to take a stand against these proposed cuts.


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PR Connections: Social media beneficial in job searches

I was surfing the web the other day, and I came across an interesting article. As a college student who will be graduating in May, I am currently in the job hunting process. I usually skim over most job hunting tip stories when surfing the web, but an article I found on Yahoo, originally published in the USA Today, really caught my interest. The article suggests several tips on how to search for jobs, many of which involve new technologies and social media. The article suggests to utilize both Twitter and Facebook in helping to land a job.

Click here to read the article.


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